Scripture Snacks Kids - Fun Size, Volume 1 CD
Scripture Snacks Kids Fun Size Vol. 1 Scripture Songs to beatbox tracks.

Scripture Snacks Kids - Fun Size, Volume 1 CD

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Throw away your flash cards. Scripture Snacks fills the gap by memorizing scriptures in the form of a song. Scripture Snacks Kids is an a-cappella album, consisting of kids’ vocals along with Beckah Shae and Jack Shocklee’s spin on pop driven melodies and low bass vocal percussion. There are instrumental karaoke tracks included in every album to each song to put your memorization skills to the test.

Track List:

1. Ten Commandments
2. Time
3. Fruits of the Spirit
4. Faith
5. Trust
6. Think of These
7. I Will Not Fear
8. Give Thanks
9. Eternal Life
10. A Child Is Born
11. Ten Commandments (Instrumental Karaoke)
12. Time (Instrumental Karaoke)
13. Fruits of the Spirit (Instrumental Karaoke)
14. Faith (Instrumental Karaoke)
15. Trust (Instrumental Karaoke)
16. Think of These (Instrumental Karaoke)
17. I Will Not Fear (Instrumental Karaoke)
18. Give Thanks (Instrumental Karaoke)
19. Eternal Life (Instrumental Karaoke)
20. A Child Is Born (Instrumental Karaoke)

*Instrumental Karaoke tracks not available on the physical album.